Teddy’s Inn UAE Culture and National Identity

Young children in the UAE are being raised in a society with many sources of cultural diversity. Good early years practice needs to support equality from the earliest months of babyhood. Posters, photographs and other visual images can give the message, even to very young children, that all these people who look different in many ways are part of our nursery and our community. We provide children with daily Arabic language lessons. The sessions take place in the children’s homeroom with the English teacher actively involved. Our Arabic Teacher integrates the language with the.....

Young children of the best nursery schools in Al Ain are taught with a perfect blend of various child-directed experiences and child-centred methodologies, which helps to develop a lifelong love for learning in little children. Teddy’s Inn Nursery maintains high early childhood education standards that ensure children learn and develop well in a healthy and caring environment. Children at Teddy’s Inn Nursery explore, create, and discover as they develop knowledge and acquire the confidence needed to become global citizens. It’s our belief that young children.....

Description of Pedagogy

Teddy’s Inn Philosophy

Our philosophy at Teddy’s Inn is to be carried out by emphasizing the child’s abilities, competencies, and natural aptitude, developing and fostering the child in ways that encourage the development of new and inherent talents. These qualities will, in turn, allow the child to embark on and prosper in life with confidence and skill, especially in his or her future educational endeavours. In addition, learning will take place through positive relationships and caring adults. We believe that all children have a right to high-quality education. At the core of this concept is the child’s natural curiosity of their.....

Acquisition of language is organized around three dimensions:

1.    Propensity, or necessity to acquire the language (related to factors such as motivation, education…)

2.   Linguistic faculty for learning that language (related to his biological capacity and the knowledge at his disposal)

3.   Access to that language (related to input and communication opportunities).

These three dimensions are the conditions for learning to take place. The process of learning also requires a sequence –time-, a structure – order or path of learning- and a final state –which......

Klein’s Model of Language Acquisition

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