Teddy’s Inn Nursery is a nursery that enriches the child's life within an educational environment that helps them build their basic skills, giving children opportunities to grow up in a child-centred environment that promotes diversity, linguistic development and empowerment of children.

The curriculum of Teddy’s Inn Nursery meets the needs of children from the age of two months to the age of four,  through three levels during which our educators and education experts are keen to get the child's care and attention in each age stage in order for the child to grow and move to the youth stage and gain the needed skills when leaving to kindergarten to make his way on the journey of education and life successfully.  

At Teddy’s Inn Nursery, we ensure that children with different abilities and interests work together in small groups by working together on long-term and short-term projects, all of which aim to stimulate children's creative thinking and develop problem-solving skills while allowing for possibilities. different to explore enabling children to develop their skills in many fields.

The development curriculum is based on five key areas of development: cognitive and linguistic, social, emotional and physical development. Where the cognitive and linguistic include writing, pre-reading skills and communication skills. Next, social development includes public health skills, communication skills, autonomy and the discovery of the world around the child. Next is the emotional development which includes arts such as music and crafts. Finally, physical development which includes motor skills and fine motor skills. Children leave Teddy’s Inn Nursery and have been trained to build these five areas so that they acquire basic life skills and abilities.  

Teddy’s Inn is based on a time-tested education system that provides early childhood education based on participation in projects and child-centered using both English and Arabic.  

Our development curriculum adopts international best practices in early childhood education, and in this regard, the system offers a comprehensive program that allows children to actively participate in the development of themselves and open up new perceptions towards growth, development and learning. Children can develop their basic life skills to be skilled individuals with the capacity to meet future challenges and successfully complete the journey of life. 

It is noteworthy that the Teddy’s In nursery system is based primarily on meeting the basic needs of children, arousing academic curiosity within them and addressing the social and cultural concerns that arise in this regard, and from this point of view, we see language as an important developmental catalyst, so we At Teddy’s Inn,  are keen to provide instructions in both languages ; English and Arabic, and this not only contributes to the cognitive development of children, but also contributes to preparing them to engage in the diverse world of life and ensuring that they have a chance of success in the course of life both in their Educational and private life.


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